turns to Gemini Solutions for a Long Term Partnership

About is an analytics platform that provides actionable insights about the health of an organization’s AWS data lake. The product does real-user monitoring of queries run by data scientists, analysts, and insights, and quickly surfaces bottlenecks and the root cause of issues. solves problems for companies pushing the limit to do more with their data. As companies are focusing on machine learning, they are striving to advance their ability to compete in the market by leveraging proprietary data sets--their most valuable asset. After investing in the teams and infrastructure to manage the data, they often struggle to make it reliable and available. solves that problem for them.

We have multiple patents on unique technology, and Gemini’s engineers are not afraid to work on features or projects they haven’t done before. They can take an idea that’s not fully fleshed out and can run with it from an engineering perspective.

- Paul Lappas, CEO